digitalization : powerful revolution in modern technology

digitalization : powerful revolution in modern technology

Today we are living in a world which completely  depends on technology.  Today even a small thing we do in our daily routine life is lean on technology whether it’s going out by taking a ride ,or online shopping ,communicating efficiently ( audio /video call ,mails),or scrolling our cell phones for news or entertainment ,paying bills in one click or investing in valuable assets.

What is digitalization??

Digitalization is vast or a very broad term that has so many definitions and meanings. In general we can say that digitalization is the process of using computers or the internet to make work time efficient or we can say that it is a process of converting analog data  into digital data through digital technologies  and creating a new digital ecosystem with high efficiency in processing of data ,storing  it and its transmission .

Importance of digital technology

Importance of digital technology

Modern technology or digital technology  boosts  the efficiency and productivity of human activities, as it allows us to do tasks in a small period of time. Digital technologies are very important and  play a vital role in  our lives in different fields nowadays.

Let’s suppose if digital technologies were not there would it be possible for us to see our family members sitting in different

states or countries ,or to pay our bills without going out in just one click. Today digitalization  has made our lives effortlessly

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What  are the benefits of digitalization?

As far as the benefits of digital technology or digitalization are concerned…we all know how technology has a big impact on our lives.

It is not unfair to say that if someday technology has stopped working our worlds go upside down.our lives will stop or will be completely changed. 

There are many advantages of digitalization some are written below:

*Increased Efficiency and productivity and cost effective

The digital technology  or we can say that the digital tools has made our work easier and time efficient which results in higher rate of productivity and Less manpower. Digital platforms are quite cost effective than traditional methods of business marketing.

How digital technology is changing the world?

Digital technology is changing or affecting human life world wide . After covid-19  pandemic situation the term “digitalization” comes into more light.

When the whole world was fighting against covid-19 our engineers and scientists were working hard. during  Covid-19 everyone has undergone through a lot of mental trauma because of complete shutdown of countries.

this situation compel us to digital technology .it was the era where old ones and even the kids uses digital platforms students were learning  through online classes there studies were not affected.  In such pandemic situation nothing has stopped all because of digitalized or modern technology

what is digital technology?

Digitalization is vast or a very broad term that has so many definitions and meanings. In general we can say that digitalization is the process of using computers or the internet to make work time efficient .

what is the importance of digitalized technology?

digital technology plays a very important role in our lives and had a major impact on our socio economical environment.

impact of digital technologies?

digital technology effects every aspect of our lives be it day to day life stuff shopping , or ordering groceries ,calling near and dear one’s , ordering food. when it comes to business’s it has made work easier time and cost efficient resulting in more productivity.

Need of digitalization to achieve sustainable development

in this era of digitalization we achieve sustainable development with digital technology. now what ido we mean by sustainable development??sustainable development refers to over all development.

there are four main pillar for sustainable development

1.human sustainability

2. economical sustainability

3.environmental sustainability

4.social sustainability

digitalization has great impact on our lives socially and economically. it has become a great part of our lives. during pandemic situation covid-19 digital technology came to lime light and played a vital role.

The time when the whole country is shut down. just think what would have happen if digitalization were not there. we would have completely cutoff from the outer world. but it didn’t happen all because of digitalized technology that even in such worst situation our lives were running normally. we had words with our friends families and loved one’s sitting at one places to different places.

students were getting online classes all thanks to our hard working engineers who have invented such great apps. their studies were not affected by the situation as it could have .we were still getting groceries at doorstep, paid bill, shop online order food in just one click. what made all that possible the answer is digitalization of technology made it.

Digitalization increases job opportunities, promotes creative thinking. technology has made workers to work more efficient or better performers which results in higher productivity. Digitalization has made business more competitive , cost and time effective.

digitalized technology has somewhere harming our mother nature earth and our environment but also on the other hand it is circulating the awareness regarding saving earth by online advertisement’s .it has also reduce the use of stuff like paper which automatically reduces its production which results in less plant cuttings. this affects natural disaster to stop or less happening.to read more blogs please click

so we can say that digitalization has made our lives and world a better place to live with easy to use gadgets and tools.

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